At the May 11 Member Meeting, the following board members were elected to the board: Jordan Barnes, John Fabian, and Kevin Opitz. Their term is from May 2017 to May 2019. They join the following existing board members: Jeff Besel, John Haglin, Amy Liedman, and Tom Pitschneider.

After the meeting, the board appointed Jeff Besel as the new President. At the last board meeting, the board members were appointed to the following positions:

President: Jeff N Besel

Vice-President: Kevin Opitz

Secretary: Jordan Barnes

Treasure: Amy Liedman

Program Director: John Fabian

Training: John Haglin

Social Media Director: Tom Pitschneider


Upcoming General Membership Meetings - Tentative

11:30am to 1:00pm at the Firefighters Hall & Museum

Sep 14, 2017: The Joint Commission - From an Owner's and Installer/Vendor's Perspective

Nov 09, 2017:

Jan 11, 2018:

Mar 08, 2018:

May 10, 2018:

Please send us recommendations on what you want to learn about.


Panel Training:

In July, John Fabian and John Haglin led the first panel training class at the Chisago Lakes Fire Dept and the class went well. We are looking for volunteers to help with this training class, so please let John or John, or another board member know.


Upcoming Board Meetings:

The next board meeting is scheduled for Thursday Aug 24th from 1130-130 at the ONE office. All are welcome to attend. Please let us know so we can account for the correct space. The meeting will also be available via skype.

Board meetings will be regularly scheduled during the year, the second Thursday of each month without a general membership meeting (Jun, Jul, Aug, Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr). Additional meeting may be scheduled as the board determines.


AFAA News:

At the AFAA National Conference, AFAA unveiled the new membership classifications that are to start next year. This was met with mixed reviews by the local associations.

The main intent is to switch to individual memberships for everybody and to eliminate the company memberships. AFAA is the only major organization that sill uses company memberships. Individual membership will provide AFAA with better accounting and member tracking. The individual membership was presented at $250. With this restructuring, then all the dues will go through AFAA and in turn, AFAA will reimburse each local association $50 for each local member. MNAFAA is concerned that this will reduce our income from dues. Many other associations were not in favor of this plan, especially those that do not charge a local due. AFAA is reviewing the input from the associations and will present their revised plan later this year.

MNAFAA would like to hear input from the local members on what your thoughts and concerns are for this change.


Museum Donation:

Earlier this year, the board approved a one time donation to the Fire Fighter’s Hall and Museum. This donation is to provide a new projector mount, including power and cable connections, and a new laptop.


MNAFAA Website Hosting

MNAFAA is in the process of looking for a new platform to host our website. Currently it is hosted through AFAA as part of our relationship to them. The website interface and editing has been a major inconvenience and troublesome for the MNAFAA secretary (who is responsible to maintain the site), and has led to poorly updated and formatted info due to the user interface. If any members can recommend a good web host, please let a board member know. The board hopes to switch over our web hosting this fall.